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Safety Requirements

All vehicles must conform to highway safety standards, be in good mechanical condition, as well as meet the minimum requirements below:

1.   Roll bar, full cage or factory installed non detachable hard top.

2.   Seat belts for the driver and all passengers.
3.   Parking brake or micro lock.
4.   First aid kit.
5.   Tow strap, rope or chain.
6.   A usable spare tire.
7.   Jack capable of lifting the vehicle and tools to remove lug nuts.
8.   Fire extinguisher in good working order & easily accessible.
9.   Antennas are not to exceed 4'6".
10. Adequate attachment points front & rear for towing.
      (Tow Hooks, Receiver, Etc...)
11. Battery hold downs. (No bungee cords)

** By purchasing your registration you are stating that your vehicle meets these safety requirements.

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