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Lake Tahoe Hi Lo's Membership Requirements




i. Charter members
               a. Originators of club must pay dues to be eligible to vote.
ii. Lifetime members
               a. Non-voting, non-dues paying lifetime members. Shall be voted on a case by case situation as of 3/15/04
iii. General members
               a. Voting members. Have met eligibility requirements and attended at least 5 club functions in the past Club year.
iv. Associate members
               a. Non-voting members.  Any Person that wishes to be a member of the club that does not meet General Member

                   attendance requirements becomes an Associate Member.  They must meet all other Hi –Lo requirements.
v. Prospective members
               a. Non voting.  Persons being considered for membership while fulfilling eligibility requirements.


Section 1 Membership

 A. Owners of safe operable four wheel drive vehicles that comply with the safety requirements of the California 4 wheel drive club; equipped with roll bar, seat belts, fire extinguisher, first aid kits and proof of current insurance. Vehicles with Hardtops are excluded from roll bar requirements.

Section 2 Eligibility

A. Requirements for membership

                        1. Be at least 18 years of age and have a valid driver’s license.
                        2. Be sponsored by a general member, fill out an application and pay dues for the remainder of the club-year.
                        3. Attend 2 events and 3 meetings.
                        4. Once requirements 1-3 are complete, the board will determine by vote admission or dismissal. Sponsoring members

                            shall be present at the board meeting representing the prospective member with their application. If denied admission,

                            all funds paid by the applicant will be refunded.
                        5. If an applicant fails to fulfill general membership requirements within one year, he or she is denied admission and

                            forfeits all funds paid.
                        6. Failed applicants may re-apply at any time.
                        7. Prospective members are not recognized as having full member status and have no voting privileges.
                        8. Prospective members may not display club membership credentials, such as plaques, patches, Hi-Lo’s apparel, or decals.
                        9. Prospective members are welcome at general meetings, however shall not attend board meetings until they have been

                            voted into the club.
B. If fifty (50) limit active memberships are filled, prospective members may be put on a waiting list and be admitted to the club on list

    of seniority. Each membership includes immediate family. Each General membership shall constitute two (2) votes. Any family member

    reaching the age of 18 years will have to comply with eligibility rules. A person living with a member for one (1) year or longer shall

    have the same membership privilege as husband and wife. Membership is not transferable.

C. Any member who sells his vehicle shall remove club plaques prior to the new owner’s possession.
D. A deposit for club plaques is required if plaques are desired by a club member. As of May 1, 1991 any associate member who desires

    plaques must attend a minimum of three (3) club functions and pay the required deposit. Designated area for plaques will be right

    and left rear panels.  If that is not feasible, then the right and left front quarter panels will suffice. Upon leaving the club it is      

    mandatory to return plaques. If in good condition, plaques deposit will be refunded. Plaques shall remain blue as of 1986.

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