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Trip Rules

1.   The Trail Boss has the final authority on this trip. This is not a race, take your time and stay on

      the trail.

2.   All participants must wear Seatbelts, when vehicle is moving.

3.   No alcoholic beverages allowed during the actual run. It’s unlawful and against our club policy

      for any person to consume alcoholic beverages or have an open container while in a motor

      vehicle, whether on paved or unpaved roads. Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of

      any drugs will not be tolerated.

4.   All vehicles must stay on the trail. Do not drive on the meadow grass; do not go fast through

      river crossings. Destruction of plants, trees, meadows or terrain will not be tolerated. This trail is

      in danger of being permanently closed. Please always tread lightly.

5.   Reckless driving or driving in such a manor to endanger persons or property will not be


6.   Speed limit in main camp is 5 MPH.

7.   No litter is to be thrown from vehicle or left at stopping places. Please pick up any litter you see

      along the trail. If you “Haul it in…Haul it out!”

8.   Smoking is permitted only in vehicles and cleared campsites. Use your ashtray.

9.   No firearms are allowed.

10. No dogs allowed in main camp food area or raffle area. All dogs must be on leash at all  


11. All park and forest regulations shall be obeyed.

12. CB channel 3 is for committee use or emergencies only. Committee will also be using ham

      repeater frequency 147.330 + 123.0.

13. Please use U.S.F.S. toilets at Blue Lakes staging area and Hermit Valley campground at end of

      the trail.

Note: If you see anyone violating these rules, please get a description of the violator a license plate #, an approximate time and location. Give information to any Hi-Lo’s club member so we can take the appropriate

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